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Shandong Meichen Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Zhucheng, Shandong Province. Founded in 2004, the company successfully entered the capital market in 2011, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the stock code: 300237. The company adheres to the management policy and strategy of "science and technology + environmental protection". After years of devoted development and operation, it has formed a group company with high-end intelligent manufacturing and ecological environment as the main part of Meichen Industrial Group.


Shandong meichen industrial group co., LTD. Has been awarded the honorary titles of "China patent shandong star enterprise", "China patent excellence award", "national intellectual property demonstration enterprise", etc. It has been awarded the title of one hundred excellent auto parts suppliers in China for 12 consecutive years. The company now has "national post-doctoral research station", "CNAS national recognized laboratory", "shandong non-tire rubber parts engineering technology center", "shandong key laboratory", "shandong engineering laboratory" and "shandong academician workstation".In 2014, the company led the formulation of iso17324-2014 auto turbocharger rubber hose specification, becoming the first company leading the formulation of international standards in China's rubber industry since the founding of the People's Republic of China, and filling in the gap of international standards in China's rubber industry. In 2018, the company won the title of "national charity enterprise", "national double love and double appraisal advanced enterprise union" and "top 50 listed companies on chinext", ranking the 62nd among the top 100 domestic auto parts enterprises. In February 2019, the company won the nomination award of governor quality award of shandong province. Saishi garden is a national high-tech enterprise with qualifications such as garden greening construction level 1, garden ancient architecture construction level 1, cultural relic protection project construction level 1, water environment treatment level 1, municipal public engineering level 1, building decoration level 2, general contracting level 3 and garden design level 1.


Establishing Harmonious Enterprises and Serving Workers'Happiness


Corporate mission:

Establishing Harmonious Enterprises and Serving Workers'Happiness



Business vision:

Become a global leader in the industry and a world-class morning



Corporate values:

Heart-to-heart, heart-to-heart, heart-to-heart, ask planners, service workers, achievement workers. Workmates are connected by heart and mind, love each other, serve customers, thank customers and achieve customers. Benefit the company by benefiting the customers and the supply chain ecosystem


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